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Dining Rewards
Introducing Mogl, Virgin America’s first dining partner in California. Earn up to 25% cash-back any time you dine at a restaurant on Mogl. 
Pay with your linked debit or credit card to receive up to 25% cash-back. Then exchange your cash-back for Elevate® points! You can also choose to donate a portion, or all, of your
cash-back to your local foodbank.
Every $1 cash-back you earn each month is
automatically exchanged for 30 Elevate points.
$10  x  30  =  300
points per $1
Elevate points
How you can fight hunger in your city.
The fact is, 1 in every 5 children face hunger. Americans suffering from hunger has doubled since 2008.
With your help Mogl can solve this problem so that no one goes hungry.
You can donate some, or all, of your cash-back to your local food bank. Any $1 not donated will automatically be exchanged for 30 Elevate points.
Sign up, link your debit/credit cards, and use them to pay at participating restaurants. 
Earn cash back, and choose if you’d like to donate any of your cash-back to a local food bank.
Exchange your remaining cash-back for 30 Elevate points per $1.